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  Online Legal Information
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Austlii : provides access to judgments and legislation throughout Australia. The site also contains articles and information on some legal topics. Legislation is not always up to date.
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SCALEplus : contains all legislation of the Commonwealth and non self-governing Territories.
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Australian Law Online : provided by the Australian Federal Government to give access to Commonwealth, State and Territory government legal information and services available nationwide.
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click to enter Hot Topics : a magazine style series on recent changes and current debates in the law. It is published by the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) and hosted on Austlii.
Community Legal Centres
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Austlii Index of Tasmanian Community Legal Services : Find a community legal services near you thanks to this index from Austlii..
Other Legal Services
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Legal Aid Tasmania : Provides legal assistance to financially disadvantaged people. Legal Aid uses guidelines to determine if someone qualifies for legal assistance and how much they should contribute to the cost of those services.
  The Courts
click to open High Court of Australia : The High Court is the highest court in Australia and may hear appeals from decisions from the Queensland or Federal court system. Provides information on the court and the justices, transcripts of speeches and links to High Court judgments.
click to enter Federal Court : The Federal Court of Australian is a Commonwealth court and is part of a separate hierarchy to the Queensland Court system. It's jurisdiction is generally limited to Federal matters.
click to open Family Court : part of the Federal court system. The website contains a wealth of information on family law issues including self-help kits and a step by step guide to proceedings.
click to open Federal Magistrates Court : The lower court of the Federal court system
click to open Administrative Appeals Tribunal : a body which provides independent review
of a wide range of administrative decisions made by the Australian Commonwealth
government and some non-government bodies.
  other law related sites
click to enter Tasmanian Police Service : guides to protecting yourself and your property.
click to enter Australian Institute of Criminology:  is the national focus for the study of crime and criminal justice in Australia and for the dissemination of criminal justice information. Online access to the Trends & Issues journal, crime statistics, crime and policy research and other publications.
click to enter Australian Law Reform Commission: The ALRC conducts inquiries - known as references - into areas of law reform at the request of the Attorney-General of Australia. Site provides online access to many ALRC publications.
click to enter Butterworths Legal Express : guides to protecting yourself and your property.
click to enter e-LAW Journal: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law is a general journal of law and legal issues with free online access.
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